KG4 - Cardiography Couch

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The Echo-Cardiography Couch KG4 includes a
cutout of 400 x 300 mm for echo-cardiograpy
examination. By insterting a padded section
(included) into this cutout the couch also becomes
suitable for other regular sonograpy examinations.
The couch is available in 2 Versions. The regular
version (top picture) allows adjustment of its height
by hand crank while KG4e (bottom picture) has a
maintenance free and low noise electric motor to do
this job.

Total size 1900 x 800 mm
Length head part 500 mm
Length back/foot part 1400 mm
Cutout 400 x 300 mm
Height 650 - 850 mm
Upholstery 60 mm

KG4 Euro 2.190,-
KG4e Euro 3.290,-

ex Germany