KG5 - Cardiography Couch

Total size 1900 x 800 mm
Length head part 500 mm
Length back/foot part 1400 mm
Cutout 400 x 300 mm
Height 650, 700, 750 or 800 mm
Upholstery 60 mm

Euro 1.190,- ex Germany

The dimensions of KG5 are identical with
KG4, however no height adjustment is
possible. Instead the couch is available
in 4 different heights (no extra cost) at the
customer's choice. Like KG4, KG5 also
includes a cutout of 400 x 300 mm for
echo-cardiograpy examination. By
insterting a padded section (included)
into this cutout the couch also becomes
suitable for other regular sonograpy

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