OP2 - Operating Table

The Operating Table OP2 is equipped with two
maintenance free and low noise electric motors
to adjust height and seat position, which are
operated via pneumatic foot switches. A special
feature are the detachable upholstery parts
which are covered with anti static artificial leather
fabric, and the OP-rails next to each segemnt
except the head part. The head part is manually
adjustable (positiv and negative), back part and
leg rests are individually adjustable with the
support of pneumatic springs.

Modell OP2e has a third motor to adjust the
sideward inclination (see below)!
Total area 1900 x 500 mm
Length head part 295 mm
Length back part 575 mm
Length seat part 360 mm
Leg plates each 520 x 240 mm
Heightg 775 - 975 mm
Upholstery 60 mm
Sideward (only OP2e) up to 20
Back part up to 45 positive/25 negative
Seat part up to 25 positive/25 negative
Head part up to 30 positive/30 negative
Leg plates up to 90 negative

OP2: Euro 10.990,-
OP2e: Euro 11.800,-

ex Germany

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