TH3 - Suit Case Massage Couch

The most space saving and mobile massage couch there is!
When this product was designed, the main objectives were
a high maximum load, safe and stable stand, light weight,
and shortest possible setup time. With a load capacity of
200 kgs (450 lbs), a weight of 15 kgs (33 lbs) and a setup
time of mere 10 seconds there is hardly any room for further
improvement! As protection during transportation and storage
a plastic cover is provided with this item.

Euro 599.00
ex Germany

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Total area 1930 x 580 mm
Length head part 400 mm
Length back part 560 mm
Length foot part 960 mm
Height (select at no extra cost)
660, 720 oder 780 mm
Upholstery 30 mm
Case 960 x 580 x 140 mm