TR1 - Transfusion Couch

TR1 was especially developed for use in dialysis.
In order to provide as much comfort as possible
during the hour long waiting time of dialysis treatment,
this couch has been equipped with 90 mm
upholstery. The pivoted arm rests can be quickly
adjusted in height and inclination. The built in
electric adjustment of the couch inclination can
be operated by the patient himself via hand switch.
During adjustments of the couch inclination the arm
rests do not need to be readjusted as they
follow the movement of the couch. The maintenance
free electric motor is quiet and splash water proof.
Length back part 800 mm
Length seat part 480 mm
Length foot part 540 mm
Seat height 650 mm
Seat width 650 mm
Upholstery 90 mm
Armrest 352 x 123 mm
Stand base 1000 x 445 mm
Euro 2.690,-
ex Germany

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