TR2 - Transfusion Couch

Our Couch TR2 is primarily used for
donating blood and for blood transfurions.
With the support of an easy to reach, foot
operated pneumatic spring the inclination
of the couch can be adjusted down to
shock position.
In order to provide patients and blood
donors a comfortable position, pivoted
arm rests can be adjusted to any height
and inclination. When the couch position
is changed the armrests will automatically
follow without requiring any further
Length back part 800 mm
Length seat part 480 mm
Length foot part 540 mm
Seat height 650 mm
Width 650 mm
Upholstery 60 mm
Arm rest 352 x 123 mm
Stand base 1000 x 445 mm
Euro 1.990,-
ex Germany

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