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Terms & Conditions

All furniture is usually made to order, normal delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Since we want to offer the best possible value we avoid the cost of keeping finished stocks, we do not print catalogues & pricelists, we have no sales reps to visit you and we do not shower you with free gifts.
Our offer targets health care professionals, although we generally ship to anyone, anywhere. Our prices do not include VAT, which may or may not apply in your part of the world. All product information in our catalogue is to our best knowledge, sizes may vary slightly. Orders are accepted as confirmed.
We ship worldwide direct ex our German warehouse. Shipping according to customers instruction by air or sea, freight collect.
Payment terms: Except for shipments to our regular customers in Germany all orders are subject to full prepayment. Please note that it is also due to this condition that we can offer you competitive prices: We want to avoid that our honest and serious customers pay for expenses caused by customers who pay late or not at all. With our policy we avoid any expenses to follow up on payments, which are very significant in other companies who have to cover these by charging higher prices.

Please note that all electric motors on examination chairs are usually 220-240 V A/C. Please advise if you require a different voltage or other than German standard plus/sockets so we can confirm availability in our order confirmation.